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Knowledgeable, professional and reliable service.

Thank you for visiting Firefly South Coast, your trusted local solar energy equipment supplier and installer on the lower South Coast of Kwazulu Natal. After 37 years of working on residential and commercial electrical installations, and 20 years experience contracting to Eskom, we have a solid understanding of all types of electrical installations and comprehensive experience gained from working on them. We have been active in the solar field for over 5 years and have installed both a large amount and variety of types of systems, both on and off grid during this time. We aim to lead the way in customer satisfaction by providing access to top performing brands installed professionally in a timeous manner. We strive to provide the very best service to all of our customers.

We aim to be your supplier of choice. We understand this requires more than just a few quality products and competitive pricing on our end. We also understand that you deserve the most professional, personal, informative and fastest service available. We know that the quality of our service affects your work as well as your security and comfort, and that is what we would like to offer to you.

Our best.

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